ODAF The Network

In 1988, EZE, Germany along with Centre for Research on New International Economic Order (CReNIEO) and United Evangelical Lutheran Churches (UELCI) had facilitated a consultation with selected NGOs to respond to a severe drought situation in Orissa. To address to the immediate situation and to follow it up with long-term measures, a collective of selected Non Government Organisations was formed in 1988, which was named as ‘Orissa Drought Action Forum’–ODAF in short. Over the next five years, the focus broadened from drought to development and enabled the Forum to address the issues of sustainable development through a guided vision and long term strategy towards a secure sustainable livelihood. To be in sync with the vision mission, the collective was renamed as ‘Orissa Development Action Forum’ in 1996; the acronym ODAF remained unchanged. It was formally registered as a society in 1997. It obtained the FCRA-registration in the year 2002. Now it has a membership of 12 NGOs.

As of July 2017 Orissa Development Action Forum (ODAF) completed 29 years of its existence since its inception in 1988.ODAF is a collective of NGOs who had come together to address drought and later on evolved to address sustainable development issues through a long term systematically designed with people’s participation - apeople’sdevelopment plan. Then EZE, laterEEDand now Bread for the World- Protestant development Service (Brot fur die welt - BfdW) all these organistionshas been a constant supporter and had sustained in accompanying ODAF’s work in promoting several sustainable development processes and approaches that are people centred.   More