ODAF operates through collective processes evolved over time. These include Bi-annual meetings, Team Leaders Meetings, Collegial Visitation, People-to People Exchanges and Inter-Fora Visitation.

ODAF also engages itself in capacity building through Facilitation Team, Training programs and seminars/ workshops.

Action Plans, Project proposals and budgets are prepared by each member NGO, presented in a consolidated format, and ratified at the Team Leaders’ Meetings. Half-yearly narrative, finance and audited reports are presented by each member NGO and are then consolidated and shared with member NGOs and the Funding Partner.

The above activities, under Central Coordination, are being executed by the Executive Secretary, assisted by four desks namely Programme, Monitoring & Evaluation (PME), Advocacy, Research & Documentation and Finance. Apart from these desks, to liaise with EED, FMSF, member NGOs, people, other NGOs/networks, a Liaison section is working. The Central Coordination Team is known as ODAF Secretariat and it has been operating from Bhubaneswar since January 2002. The Executive Secretary, who is a member of the Management Committee of ODAF heads the Secretariat. A Fulltime Coordinator works closely with the Executive Secretary of ODAF.

The Secretariat is responsible for programme and financial coordination and facilitates the monitoring and review processes.

The thrust areas of the forum include strengthening the planning and implementation process through Bi-annual, Team leaders, Management Committee, Consultants and Secretariat Staff meetings. ODAF facilitates different levels of training and undertake programme accompaniment, development of guidelines and policies, reporting, promote documentation and evaluate the process that enables member organisations to maintain and create field programme in line with the ODAF perspective. The members through a process of collective planning and action involving the communities implement the programmes.

Overall responsibility vests in the Management Committee of ODAF.